Max BR1 LTE slow internet


I have a Max BR1 LTE USA in New Zealand with a Vodafone 4g SIM. I have a few questions as I am unfamiliar with Pepwaves.

1- my internet speed is pitiful, 2megs down and 2 megs up, is this normal?
2- I am only showing a 3g connection but I thought I read that I should be able to connect to LTE with a vodafone SIM in NZ.
3- it is running a firmware of 6.3.2 and when I check for updates it shows 7.1.1. I read the release notes and it says that a hw2 will run 7.1.1, but not a hw1. How do you tell the difference?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Could be. Depends where the BR1 is, what sort of signal strength and quality it has, and how much bandwidth the tower its connecting to has to give it.

You’ll only get 4G/LTE if the tower you’re connecting to supports it, and if your BR1 has an LTE module in it (some BR1s are 3G only). The model name on the back tends to be the indicator as to if LTE is supported.

Login to the device and navigate to the status page. It shows the hardware version there.

Best advice is to upgrade the firmware (Assuming you can) then login to the device, click the details button next to the cellular connection and share a screenshot of the signal measurements. We can normally read those and provide suggestions to help improve signal to the BR1 and subsequently the bandwidth available to it over cellular.


The model number on the back is MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T. I was able to upgrade the firmware to 7.1.1 which didn’t seem to make a speed difference. Hopefully this picture will help


OK so its an LTE model so that’s good.

Signal strength is very good, signal looks clean too. I think you must just be in a poor bandwidth area.