MAX-BR1-LTE-E-T Terminal Block specifications (for installation in car)

Ciao ragazzi,

I just bought above mentioned device in order to have it installed in my car. Now my mechanic is asking me whether there is a possibility to connect the Terminal Block in a way that the device switches itself off after a couple of minutes after the engine has been turned off.

Up to now I didn’t find any information about the Terminal Block. Can you help me out with the specs?

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Hi Florian,
The terminal blocks are for directly connected power only - there is no timer function or ignition switch sensing built into our devices currently.
You will need to look at 3rd party in vehicle DC-DC power supply controllers for that functionality.



Hi Florian:

We deployed a fleet of BR1 with a OFf timer delay that does that. It cost like 3 USD each. Search for them on ebay as “off timer delay”.

The first one I found say on the description ( I’m not giving the link because I dont want to endorse the seller nor ebay, its just a suggestion ).

Description :

12V delay turn on or delay off module

  1. With 8 time ranges selected shortest 0.1s most up to 1 hour
  2. Protection against power reversal protection diode, better protection module
  3. Can be accessed by a large current load (250V ac 10A or 30V dc 10A)
  4. With delay adjustment potentiometer clockwise adjustment time longer


Hi Arturo,

I found the device you mentioned and I’ll give it a try.

Thanks a lot

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Mi Martin,

thanks a lot for your quick reply.

I would definitely buy a new device if it came with that functionality. Just notify me when it’s available.

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Any good electrician can install it.

The DC control parts goes to the ACC ( or accessories) power line, so it will send an on signal when the key is on acc ( when the radio is on, windows goes up and down but motor is off).

The relay part goes directly to battery, so when you turn off ACC the br1 is still on and draining until the time goes off. After that the relay shuts down, and br1 goes down.

If you turn back to ACC ( or turn on the vehicule ) then the relay turn on again and br1 start powering up.

I dont think BR1 should come with something like this. It add complexity to a communication device and I think the double power source ( terminal block and 2.5 mm plug ) is verstatile enough to build your own power supply strategy ( like this shutdown delay timer ).

If u need more help please PM me, I have done some interesting things with some microcrontrollers and relays for BR1 deployments.


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How did your installation go? Can you provide any comment or installation instructions?
Thank you. David

There are FOUR positions on the MAX BR1 Terminal block. Under the block on mine are labeled: - O/P I/P -

What the hell does that mean? What is O/P? What is I/P?


Please refer to DC terminal Pin negative (-) and Positive (+) if you want to power up the MAX BR1.

I/P & O/P pin is a scheduled feature for BR1 to monitor/provide the power status info for the device.

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In relation to the BR1, is there any danger in setting the unit to be powered from an accessories source?

ie, is the unit sturdy enough to handle the sudden loss/reapplication of power or is it preferred to be connected to a constant power source?


Possible to let us know what do you mean “sudden loss/reapplication of power” ? Can you give some example factor that will cause the “sudden loss/reapplication of power” ?

For BR1 hardware design, there is not power on/off the button for device. To power on/off the device, you can easily remove/reconnect the power source to the device. The important thing that you need to take note is that make sure enough power is given to the device. For more information regarding to power requirement, please refer to the URL below:

For your information, we had a lot of deployment that the power is tight with the vehicle starter and we had no issue with the device restarted 20 - 30 times a day

Thank You

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To clarify, I mean the modem only has power whilst the vehicle is running rather than being fed directly from the vehicle battery, so every time the vehicle is switched off power to the modem is lost.

I know many electronic devices (consumer modems) do not cope well with being turned on/off a lot (corruption of firmware/flash), just wanted to know if this is something the BR1 has been designed to cope with.

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Yes, this is specifically designed for the device.

  1. No on/off button for the device.
  2. No software shutdown.

The only way to power down the device is to remove/power off the power source.

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Hi, could someone give a correct pinout for terminal socket in Pepwave MAX transit DUO and Pepwave BR1 Slim. I need to connect ±12V to it, but i cant find a “-” and “+” sign on it. Thanks.

My Max BRI Slim Terminal Bloc says : VCC GND TX RX RTS CTS
The VCC is for positive voltage and the GND is for negative, this can be from 12-24 VDC to power the unit. The other connections are reserved for Serial connectivity.

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