MAX-BR1-LTE-E-T issue

Good day,

We have an issue with a MAX-BR1-Lte-E-T in the field. To give some background information on how we use the unit:

  • Unit is connected with cellular 3G / 4G networks (1 simcard)
  • All other WAN connections (cable / wifi) are disabled
  • latest firmware (6.2.0 build 1902) is installed

The issue is that the cellular connection no longer connects to a network and therefore does not provide the modem with an internet connection. This usually happens when the modem is powered on for a longer time.

Till now this issue happened twice on the same modem and I captured a diagnostics report at both occurrences. A reboot directly resolves the issue and the modem starts to get internet access again. Both diagnostic reports are added as attachment.


Can you share what is the signal strength for the Cellular WAN (Dashboard > “Details” of Cellular WAN > Signal Strength)?


I do not have exact values at this point, but the signal is normally good enough. The router will also directly work when it is rebooted and sails to the same area all the times.

The unit is installed on a vessel which sails in and out of coverage. This means the signal levels are low when sailing in coverage, but increase over time.

vessel is now in port. Values are: RSSI: -39dBmSNR: 14dBRSRP: -64dBm

I have the same issue with HD4 on a vessel…
In the end the four mobile connections end up in “No device found”

Firmware is 6.1.2 build 1597 though

It happens for several weeks and is really impacting

Hi all,

Something abnormal here. Please help to open ticket and enable Remote Assistance for us to take closer look.

Thank you.

Thanks, have created a support ticket.

I already did #751664. But at the time , I didn’t think that being on a vessel could have an imapct. This post triggered my curiosity and looked very similar in use case and problem encountered.