MAX BR1 LTE connection issues

Having a strange problem with my MAX BR1 LTE.
It worked just fine after i set the PIN and APN for my primary WAN.

After that I rebooted the device and now it connects as it should (strong signal and LTE with IP-adress) and provides a stable WIFI but the access to internet is extremely limited.
For an example I use whatsapp and that works but regular www and other services are dead.
Even tested LAN1/LAN2 with cable to my laptop but still no internet.

Have checked the firewall settings but it looks fine.

Any ideas?

Update1: I get a working connection if I change the APN from one value to another and the device is forced to reconnect… but as soon as I yank the power and plug it in is the same issue! :confused:


Thank you for all of the information that you have provided so far. If you could open a ticket, one of our support team members we’ll be able to assist you to get everything working properly.