Max BR1 LTE 4G - Bandwidth control for marine applications


We’ve deployed about 20 MAX BR1 4G routers on ships in the Mediterranean. We use the WAN port to connect VSAT (satellite internet) when out of 4G range.
We would like to know how to throttle individual users (based on Mac address or IP).
I’ve seen the feature described in a manual but I suspect it’s not implemented in the BR1. Is it available as an upgrade ?
Also, we’re having problems with the DNS Health-check on Orange (France). The unit disconnects at least once a day and will not reconnect automatically. Have you experienced something similar ?
All the best

Hi Frank

With the BR1, it is possible to limit the bandwidth available to all users but its not possible to limit it only on WAN (VSAT) or by individual users. (See image 1 BR1)

If you use the HD2 or HD4, it is possible to create user groups and limit “Crew” to X bandwidth while leaving “Guest” unlimited but it is still not possible to limit only on while on WAN (VSAT) (See image 2 HD2)

Haven’t had any issues with auto disconnecting on any of the French networks.
Are you using the default settings or have you customised them?
Is it happening while the yacht is in port or at sea?

Hope this helps