Max BR1 IP67 losing connection every 8 hours

I have a Max BR1 IP67 deployed and it loses its cellular WAN connection every 8 hours like clockwork.
Service is typically restored after a reboot. There has been one case were service restored itself after another 8 hours past. But this is not the norm.

The carrier at this time in Verizon and I believe the issue is related to Verizon refreshing the DHCP lease every 8 hours.

The firmware on the unit is version 7.1.2. I went back to version 7.1.1 and the issue still existed.
Cellular module firmware was upgraded to version yesterday and the issue still persists.

Anyone able to provide guidance to help resolve this issue?

Not normal. Here in the UK we’ll see outages for 3-4 mins on a BR1 when DHCP is refreshed. Log a ticket.

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We have installed several Pepwaves in USA & Japan. Roughly every week Pepwave loses cellular connectivity. User has to power cycle Pepwave and then it works. I have captured the log file. Hope the log file can help understand the issue.

Log a ticket attach the diagnostic file you have, try and get a diag file captured the next time it happens before the device is rebooted.


I have opened a ticket and have attached the diagnostics file. Ticket #9070429. Look forward to hearing back from engineering team.



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