MAX-BR1 IP55 Verizon with Port Forwarding issues

I have a MAX-BR1 IP55 version on Verizon with a Public IP address.

First of all I bought 7 of these models and all of them come with the Flex AP firmware not the MAX firmware(I have bought and used a MAX-BR1 non ip55 in the past).

Second, I cannot set the port forwarding rules successfully. I first tried port mapping 8080>80 with no success. Then I changed the NAT’d device to use port 8080 and still could not get it to forward with a direct 8080>8080 map. DMZ does work to allow the device on the internet. Please help, what am I doing wrong?

Also is there a flat file I can edit config on for deployment to multiple devices?

Can you confirm that you are subscribed to a public IP address? They usually start with 166.

Also, any firewall rules that might be blocking the ports?

Hi Tim,

Yes it and all my other static IP addresses with Verizon are in the 166.x.x.x range.

DMZ works. Port forwarding/mapping does not.

There is no firewall settings available to me in the Peplink device(Flex AP firmware but with a MAX-BR1 label). It and the other device are the only two devices in the network. It is open on what ever port I set it to.

Model : AP One Flex 300M
Firmware Version: 3.4.1 build 1406
AP Name: AP One Flex 300M(Hostname: AP-One-Flex-300M)

The label says MAX-BR1-LTE-V-IP55

We need to look into this further, please open a support ticket:

I’ll fill it out tomorrow morning, I’ve already left the office, thanks for your help.

I am working with Cellular Operator and they are asking me some GSM/UMTS features from BR1 3G such like???

@Aliraza see below thread: