Max BR1 HW2 - WAN + 4G Combine Speed/Load Balance

Hi, sorry for my english. I plan to purchase router for my home,MAX BR1 HW2 because I’ve read firmware version 7.0 now supported load balance. I want to use WAN port to connect to my fibre broadband and another connection using mobile broadband sim card. My question is, can i use both connection concurently as a failover or combined speed?

You can use both connections concurrently to load balance or for failover with the BR1 but you will not see the combined speed for a single session.

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Yes you can use both the wired WAN and the inbuilt cellular connections at the same time for active/active session based load balancing or in active/standby for failover.

When in active/active load balancing mode you will get bandwidth aggregation at a session level - so a speedtest that uses multiple sessions can potentially use all available bandwidth across both WANs, but a client, downloading a single file that uses a single session will only ever get the max bandwidth available on a single WAN link.


Do i need to buy license key for it?


No, you do not need to buy a license for loadbalancing.

Loadbalancing is supported in the MAX BR1 (Hardware version 2) from firmware 7.0.0 and up.
Firmware downloads are free and the most recent firmwares can be found here:

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