MAX BR1 (HW2) GPS woes

Hello there, one of three Pepwave units is not transmitting GPS info to the incontrol2 dashboard. How can I ensure it is operating properly? I don’t have telemetry on the console regarding the GPS antenna. The Pepwave is in a poor location (inside a building within a shipping container) to exasperated the issue. My other 2 units are also inside a shipping container (however, placed outside the building) but transmit just fine. Other than placement, what else can I do to resolve me issue?

Suspected that the device did not receive GPS signal. There are few methods to verify whether the device receiving the GPS signal. Please check on the forum post below:

If you cannot see any of the GPS info are shown for the device then you may need to consider to extend the GPS antenna to a better location.

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Hello, I was able to resolve my problem by using a new GPS antenna (placement still remained the same). I hope that anyone encounters this can use this for future reference.