Max BR1 Hanging WAN Connection Status

Hi all,

I have a MAX BR1 running a single AT&T SIM card. Since upgrading to 8.1.0 I have found that after a few hours, I lose internet connection. When I log into the GUI it shows the WAN Connection Status box with a spinning whe

el and never loads up the connection options.

A reboot of the MAX BR1 allows data through again, but still the WAN Connection Status box shows spinning wheel and never loads the connection options.

Any ideas how to resolve this to keep a stable connection and allow me to change when needed?


Hi. This is unlikely to be a “router issue” in my experience. What sort of AT&T data plan are you using? Pre or post-paid? Intended for routers?

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Hi Rick,

We are using a business truly unlimited AT&T plan…supposedly truly unlimited being the key words and intended for routers, not phones. I know there have been AT&T issues of late, but it this hang that we are experiencing prevents us from accessing the WiFi connection usually in the WAN Connection Status dialog. We often switch between a WiFi connection and a data sim connection but can’t do this now as the WAN Connection Status box never loads.

I have just ejected the SIM and re-inserted and I now have the WAN Interface back as per attached picture. Very odd that the SIM can affect the other connections. Will reach out to my supplier and update them.


OK, Angus, you’ve passed the “goofy AT&T data plan test.” :wink:

That’s a curious one. We’ve not seen that before with any version of FW – where the WAN pane in the GUI simply disappears – which I think is what you are showing.

I might suggest you see if if you can get some help form your Peplink Partner. Failing that, I’d enter a ticket with Peplink.

Maybe someone else has an idea?

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I was just chatting with our Peplink partner and they are having no end of headaches with AT&T at the moment. They have a number set on their test benches and we are playing with the MTU settings to see if that helps. I rolled back the FW on mine and then reinstalled. Seems to be working okay for now, but if any other issues I will open a ticket and post any feedback on here.


I’m having the same problem with my new MAX BR1 Mini. My plan is an unlimited ATT data plan (truly unlimited) that I have purchased through I have NOT upgraded the Firmware (for I can’t connect to the internet to do so). Can someone advise whether or not I should upgrade the firmware? (I have 8.0.0s061 build 3484)/ And, if I should upgrade it, how do I upload the firmware to the unit, if I cannot connect to the internet through the Web Admin of the Pepwave? Thank you

The way I got around the lack of WAN Connection options was to eject the AT&T Sim and then power off the device and power it back up again. Everything worked after that and I could re-insert the Sim when all powered back on and make changes. Reducing the MTU has helped, have it at around 900 and seems to be stable ish. So many headaches with AT&T at the moment - my supplier is sending a new Sim as well as a T-mobile one in case of continued issues. Hope this helps.

Well, I’m not sure I can help you with the “AT&T problem” as they’ve become rather pervasive without much resolution – with a few notable exceptions.

But as to the FW upgrade question …
Easy. Go here → Download the correct FW for your product to your computer. Connect via the LAN-side of your router and navigate to System → Firmware and do a manual upgrade using the FW you just downloaded.


Is your plan directly with AT&T or through a third party / MVNO?

How do you know its truly unlimited? What plan is FinallyWifi providing? Some third parties / MVNOs resell plans that are not truly unlimited nor compatible or intended for use in certain devices. There has been lots of past drama with some doing that under VZW and even some reselling cheap ipad plans on AT&T as unlimited data plans for use in data devices. FYI AT&T did a major crack down on ipad plans and possibly some other plans recently.

We have a marine enterprise plan through a reputable dealer which does work as unlimited. The issues with the sim are relatively new and it does work when disabled and immediately re-abled. This isn’t the issue, it was the disabling of the Wan Connection interface that we couldn’t figure out before, though seems to have been resolved now.

you pay $650 per month for that? wow. AT&T’s 100mbps plan is $300/month and you might be able to get a discount on it. why pay more than twice that to a random reseller? Also, I have seen some resellers package up $20/month plans and resell them for hundreds of dollars per month. Technically, my plan is $20/month and has the same specs as the one you shared…but its close to impossible to get the plan.

Due to the nature of the industry we can’t be tied to one carrier so have to use resellers to allow flexibility in which sims we use and when. We don’t want contracts & it’s difficult to set them up for foreign based businesses etc either so this works better for us.

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thank you rick-dc. this was very helpful.

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