MAX BR1 ENT powered by PoE

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Is there a way to power a MAX BR1 ENT by PoE? I know the BR1 ENT supports PoE output.
We have a retailer who has a modem and a PoE switch. They want to place a MAX BR1 ENT between the modem and PoE switch for failover on 4G if needed. They would like to get the MAX BR1 ENT powered by the PoE switch but I don’t think that is possible. They would like to know if there is a way to bypass the DC adapter. They are eager to get it working powered by PoE ;p

let me know what your thoughts are.


No, the MAX BR1 ENT does not support PoE input, only the optional PoE output.
The MAX BR1 Mini supports passive PoE input though (12V - 28V DC).

If we could provide an adapter that accepts PoE input and then converts to DC 12V via the DC jack. Would that work for you?

Hi Alex,

Yes that might be an interesting solution for the customer! What kind of adapter would that be?

I used these and it worked on my BR1.


Thanks for the reply Jonathan.

Looks like what they need :wink: Will send it to them and see if they will go for it.

Have a good day!

Does their switch support 24V passive PoE?
We have used PoE injectors / removers (like the image below) with BR1’s using the supplied 12V PSU and have seen issues of lack of power due to a long cable run.
(with lack of power, the router would boot up and operate normally until cellular actually connected then the router would reboot, disable cellular or don’t allow it to actually connect and the BR1 would work)
Changing to a 24V PSU or UBNT PoE switch supplying 24V completely eliminated the issue.

Thank You

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