MAX-BR1-ENT PoE mobile install


We’re evaluating solutions for putting WiFi APs and 4G routers on municipal buses. One of our proposed solutions involves a Pepwave MAX BR1-ENT feeding a Cisco access point. We want the Pepwave to provide PoE to power the AP. The Pepwave would be powered by a 12v-to-48v DC-DC converter, fed by the bus’ 12V supply. Will the PoE ports provide power if we’re using a non-Pepwave supply? Will we have to buy the ACW-609 kit (and toss the 48V power supply in a bin somewhere) in order to get the licensing necessary to use the PoE?


Hi @bhmcintosh, you will be fine using your own power supply and no need to buy ours. The key thing here is that you feed it with 48VDC otherwise you won’t get the PoE output. Thanks


Hi Tim,

so do we need a license to enable PoE port?
If we feed it with 48VDC, will the PoE be activated automatically or only after the license is applied?


Hi Jakub, Once you feed it with 48VDC the license is automatically applied. Thanks


Ok, perfect so we don’t need to purchase the PoE kit. We already have SD-PMU :slight_smile:
Thanks Tim!