MAX BR1 drops WiFi clients

Sorry if this has been dealt with before, but I did make an honest effort to do a thorough search.

Been fighting this issue for a very long time… haven’t been able to figure it out.

MAX BR1 (MAX-BR1-LTE-V) running 8.0.2 build 3612.

WiFi WAN with a fallback to Verizon cellular.

On a “yacht” with quite a few WiFi clients (fixed IP devices… thermostats, lighting, SONOS, etc.).

With some regularity, for no apparent reason, the MAX will just drop ALL of the WiFi clients… hard disconnect, empty Client List. Then about a minute or so later everyone can reconnect.

Nothing in the Event Log. I can’t figure out a precipitating environmental or power event.

Anybody have any insight or ideas? It’s driving me nuts!

I should add… no change in the indicator LEDs when this happens.

Status: green
WiFi: blinking green
Cellular: green

Hi Scott
This is not normal behaviour.
Could you please open a support ticket?
Please include the serial number and a diagnostic file (please download the diagnostic file from the device after this issue has occurred and not just after a reboot)
Once you have opened the ticket, please let me know and I will follow up on it.

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Thanks for the prompt reply Sam!

It dropped the clients first thing this morning, so I captured the report and made the ticket.



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Well that was a disappointing experience. 5Gstore verified the issue. Had me turn on Remote Assistance. Then asked me to change WiFi channels (which I had already tried, but tried again). Problem persisted. Then they appeared to lose interest in the problem and quit replying to the open ticket.

I turned off the AP, added a UniFi AP… and moved on.

Oh well…