Max BR1 Drop-in mode


I have applied the drop-in mode license to a BR1 Mini and cannot find where to enable the feature. I have a failover license also installed so all WAN connections are available. I have restarted the unit after the license application but the option still does not show up. Please let me know if there are other steps needed to enable the feature.

@dbruce - The drop-in mode setting is located on the LAN settings page.

Hi @AskTim,

I have checked both the LAN Network Settings and LAN configuration pages but do not see an option. Please see the screenshots if I am missing something.

Yup not showing is it? Reboot, check it, reapply the feature code and try again.
It should be here:

@Martin_Langmaid I rebooted and tried applying the feature code again. When attempting to apply the code I receive an error stating: Activation failed… key has been used. Is there a way to remove the key to reapply it?

InControl should show your feature activation status for the BR1 MIni on the device overview page - what does it show there?


The feature codes for both the failover and drop-in mode are present.


You may need to upgrade your firmware. Current version is 8.1.3


The unit has firmware 8.1.3 installed.

Doesn’t make any sense. With 8.1 or above you don’t even need an activation key anymore as it is a standard feature now.

Maybe factory reset it? Otherwise log a ticket so Peplink can take a look at it.

On the LAN page did you look under the ?

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The factory reset resolved the issue. Thank you everyone for your assistance.

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