MAX BR1 Default Inbound Rule Allows All


There is a similar question already answered about Balance I ), I am sorry, I do not understand the answer well enough to know if it applies to MAX. Basically, most routers and firewalls - at least the few I have used - have a default inbound rule that DENIES all traffic. But my MAX, like the Balance, comes out of the box, with what looks like a wide open default. If there is a reason, like the Balance, why inbound rules only apply to certain types of traffic, I could find no mention in the Max user manual.

Thanks for clearing this up.


Hi Steve:

You’re right, the MAX can act as an SPI firewall but that functionality does need to be turned ON “out-of-the-box”. The basic rationale is that we assume that you already have a UTI device in place keeping an eye on things.

But if you’re looking to secure things and don’t have a dedicated solution in place, go ahead and enable.

I hope this helps to clarify things.


Hi Jason,

Yes, it does. Thanks a lot. We may need to look at a number of our sites which may be open by mistake.



Hi again,
In discussing this with our other offices, one of our admins pointed out the firewall help screen gives a different answer
image , which seems to mean that the Max is like the Balance and that unless you are using port forwarding or inbound NAT mappings you are NOT wide open with the default rule in place. Can some please reconfirm?