MAX BR1 Classic: Can I use Wi-Fi in client mode (not AP mode)?

I have two LTE connections - AT&T and Sprint. AT&T is lenient and wherever you put their SIM card, the LTE connection will work. Sprint is strict - their SIM card will work only in their hot-spot device and nothing else. I currently use MOFI 4500 router with AT&T SIM card inside. I configured its Wi-Fi to connect to Sprint-provided Wi-Fi hotspot. And then set up the failover so it routes all traffic via Wi-Fi to Sprint hotspot if AT&T is determined down.

Is it possible to configure MAX BR1 Classic (or any other Peplink product) to use Wi-Fi in client mode (not AP mode), and connect to a Wi-Fi network, and then perform the failover between the Peplink built-in LTE connection and the Wi-Fi connection?

I want to get rid of MOFI 4500 and I’m looking for a good replacement.

Yes. In Peplink terminology this is WIFI WAN. Any wifi enabled MAX product can do this although the BR1 mini needs an extra license to enable it (along with wired WAN).

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While you are correct that the SIM is linked to the IMEA a phone call to their tech support folks should solve the problem.

I think you referring to “wi-fi-as-WAN” and the answer is yes. See - Model Comparison.

Getting rid of kludges is always a nice objective. :wink:

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Thanks for your answers, @MartinLangmaid and @Rick-DC!

Sprint will not change it, at least for Calyx/FMCA plans. See I can’t complain though, $60/month for fully unthrottled LTE is a steal. I can easily get 2 TB or 3 TB a month out of it.

I have one more question. I use MWAN3 feature for failover on my OpenWRT router. AT&T via built-in LTE module is primary, Sprint via Wi-Fi is secondary. Plus I have a couple rules where I route traffic the other way - Sprint is primary, AT&T is secondary. My children’s computers go through it (so they don’t affect they speed of my Internet, which I need for work), and TVs (because AT&T throttles some media traffic by IP - namely YouTube but maybe some more). Does any of Peplink products support an equivalent of MWAN3?

Yes multi wan load balancing is what all of Peplinks Multi-WAN products can do.
You can read about it here:

In Peplinks world you use outbound policies to manage traffic flow logic across multiple WAN interfaces.

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OK. I am not familiar with that plan. Curious, however, that they insist on using a certain router. We’ve not experience that inflexibility here (although I admit to having been frustrated a few times when things did not work after switching a SIM between devices. Then the “oops moment.” :wink: If Sprint’s service works for you the price is an absolute “steal.”

(And, I see @MartinLangmaid already gave you the correct answer to your question. --good.)

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