MAX-BR1 Cellular Network Mode setting

Hi Everyone,
What is the recommended setting for “Cellular Network Mode” on the MAX-BR1-LTEs?
I’m using both Sprint and Verizon Service/SIMS and have two standard config files setup for each carrier with their specific Network Mode selected. Wondering if the “Auto” mode would be a better choice and how the Pepwave determines which carrier mode to use when set to “Auto”.

I currently have over 700 deployed and managed through InControl2 running the latest firmware for HW1 and HW2 models. Seem to have a few every month that lose cellular connectivity until power-cycled and wondering if the “Auto” mode might help them reconnect. Seems like if a tower is down for an extended period of time the Pepwave quits trying to reconnect until rebooted.

With the price increase of the regular BR1s I’m getting ready to deploy/test the MAX-BR1 Mini so will be creating new config files and appreciate and thoughts or advice on the network mode option.


Mike Wheeler

Can you please open a support ticket here for us to check on the connectivity issue ? This will help us to identity the issue and give the proper suggestion.

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