Max BR1 AT&T Net work

I was wondering if anyone out there can help me. I am using the Max BR1 to view my mobile food truck. I am able to log into the system on the DVR on my computer and on my cell via the night owl app when the phone is on Wifi. When I am out and about and don’t have Wifi on my cell phone I would like to view what’s going on. I am 100% convinced that I have messed up one of the setting on the router. Anyone out there that can help me with this. So just to recap If I am home I can log on to my computer view my food truck clear. If I am on any wifi network with my cell I am able to view my food truck. Once I am off of wifi my phone will not connect to the food truck even if I have full LTE service and I know the BR1 has full LTE service. HELP please

Hi, when you set up the app to view the camera, I assume you enter an IP and a port number along with a username and password?

When connected via wifi you will be able to connect via the DVR/cameras local private IP (ie 192.168.1.x). However when you are using your cell with no wifi, you’re no longer connected to the local network and so your app can’t reach the DVR/camera using those settings.

You have two options to make this work. You can connect to your BR1 over the public internet using PPTP VPN. When you do that your cell gets a local private IP from the BR1 via PPTP and so the app will connect. Or you can create a new connection on the app (maybe ‘public connection’) and instead of using the private IP of your camera, you enter the public IP of the LTE connection on the BR1. You then do a port forward on the BR1 from the WAN IP to the DVR/Camera’s internal private IP.

If it was me, I’d look at the PPTP option as you’ll be able to keep teh same settings on your cell for the app.

That make sense? Let me know if I can explain further.

Thank You so much. I will try troubleshooting it tomorrow I do you have a locked IP address from AT&T wireless it’s called the i2 gold package. But yes, you are absolutely right I am able to view the cameras via Wi-Fi on any Wi-Fi network whether I am at Starbucks, gym etc… Or if I am off of my PC. I am able to log into the DVR. Only when on AT&T net. Thank you I will try this tomorrow with my tec guy.

Ok… Here we go again. I am using a IPhone 6 if that’s of any importance. I don’t know why no one can fix this. I am almost 100% sure there is a setting on a BR1 by everyone is telling me I am wrong. Would you be willing to remote connect to my computer so you can get into router. I really need this to work it’s been going on for 5 weeks now. Neverming the router was no good. Let me know your thoughts. Andrew.


As you mentioned using Wifi at Starbucks or Gym is working fine (I assume connection as below),
iPhone –> Wifi –> router –> Internet –> BR1 –> DVR

but using LTE connection on iPhone6 is not working (I assume connection as below).
iPhone –> LTE –> Internet –> BR1 –> DVR

I suspect the needed ports was blocked by your LTE provider. You may open ticket for us to take closer look. Please enable Remote Assistance on BR1 as well.

Thank you, will do. And yes, iphone-- LTE – internet – BR1 – DVR isn’t work.
But iphone— wifi— router— internet— BR1— DVR is perfect.
I will open a ticket thank you. Or maybe you can tell me how to do it myself. Thanks for all your help.


Lets open ticket then we will go from there. We need to understand your setup first. We can guide you in the ticket.

Ok sounds good, I bought the BR1 AT&T router from Frontier, there tech guy has been helping me and reading what you been saying. He is going to take all the data and trouble shooting notes and ports he tried and send it in to you guys. TY I will let you know the out come.