MAX BR1 and TMobile Band12 / 700MHz

What a great product the BR1 is!

I am moving to a remote area that actually has great TMobile reception, but no other providers in range. I really love the BR1 so far and have been testing it out with TMobile in my current location before I move.

I was wondering if there was any planned firmware update to support the new 700mhz Band 12 that TMobile is using now that it acquired it from Verizon? Any ETA on this? I’m just a software guy, not a hardware or signals person, but I imagine that the BR1’s support for Band 13/700 would mean it could support Band 12/700 on TMobile?

Would love to know that it was being worked on!

Hi Peter, the current BR1 does not support Band 12 but we will be coming out with a new version that does support it as well as Carrier Aggregation. The ETA is 6-8 weeks. Thanks.

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Will you also have Band 12 support on the IP67?

Yes, we will have an IP67 version that supports Band 12. Thanks.

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Any update on when support for Band 12 will be available? Thanks.

Target to be available on mid-January 2017. Stay tuned!

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any update? thanks!

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Will it be hardware or software update?

It will be hardware upgrade.

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Do you have an updated timeline?

The MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W-T supports Band 12 and is available from our certified partners today.

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