MAX-BR1 6.2 firmware problem


After upgrading my MAX-BR1 routers to 6.2 firmware I’m no longer able to view the MEID information under “Connection Details” and “Cellular Status” which is needed to activate the devices with my M2M carriers. The only information displayed is ESN HEX and IMEI.

Also the option is no longer available to view cellular “detailed engineering data” when clicking on the “?” to the right of “Connection Details”. I used to get a pop-up help which has a link to “detailed engineering data” which provides a lot of info including detailed signal strength/frequency.

Is there any other way to access this information and will it be fixed in the next firmware release?

Currently the only way I’ve been able to activate the devices is to downgrade the firmware to 6.1 and get the MEID info.

I also tried as a workaround to go ahead and use the ESN HEX viewable in 6.2 firmware to activate the devices but these ESNs were never submitted to the carriers and can’t be used since they aren’t in their database…



Thanks for your feedback, Mike. We will add back the MEID and enginerring data in upcoming 6.2.1 firmware.

If you’re using the MAX BR1 LTE version, there is an easy way to convert the IMEI into MEID. The MEID HEX is the first 14 digits of the IMEI. Then you can simply convert the MEID HEX into MEID DEC with the online tool ( Cross check with the ESN to ensure it works properly.

These are 3G MAX-BR1-T Units

As far as Verizon 4G we use SIM cards and don’t need MEID to activate. Just the SIM card number.

What’s the ETA on the 6.2.1 release?

The 6.2.1 will be available in this quarter, Q2 2015.