Max BR1 5G AP log file 293C-8ADA-2AC5: Client DeviceName (XX:28:15:7C:C3:XX) disassociated from SSIDXXX (2.4 GHz)

I have a Pewave Max BR1 MK2 5G router. I am using this on my boat to relay NMEA messages to all the devices on board. I noticed that the wifi connected devices lose connectivity with NMEA broadcasters. Checking the AP logs there is a message that coincides with the disconnects.

The message is:
293C-8ADA-2AC5: Client MYCLIENTNAME (00:00:15:7C:C3:00) disassociated from MYSSID (2.4 GHz)

Followed by:
293C-8ADA-2AC5: Client MYCLIENTNAME (00:00:15:7C:C3:00) associated with MYSSID (2.4 GHz)

Note:I modified the client name, mac address, and SSID name.

Does anyone know why there would be so many disassociations and re-associations? Are there any known fixes?