MAX BR 1 MK2 does not obtain Cellular IP Address

MAX BR1 MK2, Firmware 7.1.0 will not obtain Cellular IP Address. I have reset to default settings and tried two SIM Cards that work in a Verizon Jet Pack and iPhone. From the default setting what setting may be causing the router to fail to establish an IP Address. Two SIM Cards have been used in both SIM slots. Both cards were identified see below for one of the cards in Slot A.

SIM Card A
IMSI: 31148036927XXXX (In Use)
ICCID: 8914800000362152XXXX -
MTN: 1520833XXXX -
MEID: HEX: 35907206149727
DEC: 08986588220134XXXX
IMEI: 35907206149XXXX
Network Mode Auto (Verizon Wireless)
Carrier: Verizon Wireless