MAX as Signal Meter

It would be great if you could read out the signal across various carriers without having to have a SIM inserted in the modem for that carrier. This would allow users to use the MAX as a signal meter for site surveys and troubleshooting.

It would be even cooler if this could be automated with InControl providing a report. Imagine a BR1 deployed in the field on Verizon. In IC2 I would click a site survey button, and the BR1 could cycle through frequencies or bands and report in on the RSSI etc of each. You could use this info along with the existing historical cellular info that is already saved in IC2 to see issues over time such as the carrier signal becoming weaker, and then find a better carrier to use.

A battery powered BR1 could take place of a signal meter to assist with install locations in the building for standalone or installation as a backup solution.

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