max adapter speed

are there any limitations as to speed since these use usb? eying a LTE or 5G adapter and wondering if hundreds of mbps will work without issue over usb…?

not over 100mbps in my experience on the balance 20x (flex module or max adapter)

Hi mytery,

it depends on the USB connector. Gigabit over USB3.0 is no problem


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so what usb connector does it have? does it use usb 3.0? another poster above said it caps out at 100mbps. thats a shame when my phone gets 300 mbps via LTE.

easy answer :wink:
just made a speedtest 100Mbits down and about 35 upload
but my signal is poor here, will try it in another location the next days


Thanks, I wonder if the Max Adapter that is LTE (not 5G) has same USB specs?

Thank you and looking forward to you testing in another location.

Also, are you testing it attached to a particular pepwave router model?

I can do that, yes.
I would bet every Adapter has USB 3.x. Normally USB 3 has a blue USB connector

Sure it’s a USB 3.0 port, but there is some limitation in the design the makes all cellular connections limited to 100mbps collectively.

how many instances of carrier aggregation does the LTE Max Adapter support? 5G adapter? I think LTE-A allows you to lock into two bands by default but do these adapters offer more like 4? Thanks

CAT-12 and CAT-18 are able to aggregate up to 4 or 8 (respectively). The local carrier topology may (and I expect usual does) limit it to fewer. In my limited experience, three channels are not uncommon (and I am talking rural).

W.r.t. speed, a full-bore CAT-18 connection allows for up to 1174Mbps download, CAT-12 can support up to 600Mbps.



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Hi Folks,

Want to share my experience, in case you can confirm or help me.
I bought recently a Max Adaper 5G and a Maritime 40G antenna…

When I use the Max Adapter on my laptop (usb 3.0) i can reach hundred of Mbps as expected.
When I use the Max Adapter on my Balance 20X and route all traffic on USB WAN, i can only reach 10Mbps…

Is there a way to connect the adapter on the balance 20X Wan port ? can I convert this USB WAN into a Ge WAN ? Did I miss something in the setup?

Nice day !

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Should I try to use this kind of stuff to connect the Max Adapter on The Blance20X WAN port ?


looks like the Balance 20X USB port is 2.0 …That would explain the reason…