MAX Adapter Challenge - How Has It Helped You?

The Peplink MAX Adapter Deployment Challenge is now live!

We know this little device works great with Peplink devices and notebooks. At the same time we have heard from our customers about using it via 3rd party devices to turn a non-cellular device into cellular, or simply add an additional cellular failover or connection, and more.

We would love to see more creative deployments and learn how you are using it!

Send us photos, or videos and information of your deployments for a chance to win some prizes.

The challenge ends on Tues 31st May. So what are you waiting for?


Prizes to be won:

  • 5x 50GB SpeedFusion Connect Data! (SFC-CN-B) up for grabs!

Winning Criteria:

  • Photo or video quality.
  • Results achieved (e.g. Rapid deployment, Instant 5G etc)
  • Uniqueness of deployment.
  • Description of deployment, etc.
  • For any inquiries regarding this campaign, please send an email to [email protected].