MAX Adapter 5G feedback / questions

I have been testing a MAX Adapter 5G with my MAX HD4 MBX and have found some feedback I’d like to share along with related questions:

Remote SIM not supported - the MAX adapter does not appear to support Remote SIM functionality on the MAX HD4 MBX. I use this functionality all the time as I have two HD1 CAT18 domes upstream on the HD4 MBX, and no SIMs are in any of those products. Having to physically move a SIM to the MAX Adapter 5G is less than convenient, also in particular because it does not support the full size SIMs that the SIM injector requires, but uses Mini form factor.

Is there a plan for the MAX Adapter 5G to support Remote SIM?

Cellular information missing - I see no detailed information about my cellular connection when the MAX Adapter is connected to the MAX HD4 MBX. Only basic info about the carrier name, IP address, and a signal strength bar. No band information or even the possibility to enable diagnostic information to see the tower, UTRAN, etc. At the minimum, it would be good to have the band information so you could confirm WHAT sort of 5G connection you have.

Is there a plan to support displaying the cellular band information and allowing the control of bands and such for the MAX adapter?

So far I have been able to to connect to Verizon and T-Mobile via 5G, but unable to connect in any way to AT&T. I’m running version 8.1.3 on the MAX HD4 MBX and have no idea what firmware the MAX Adapter is running.

I saw OK performance from Verizon and T-Mobile - not too much better than LTE-A on a CAT18 modem, which is a bit of a surprise since my testing with the 5G MAX Transit showed a considerable advantage with T-Mobile. Not being able to see the cellular band info will obviously prevent me from doing much troubleshooting as to whether this is a band issue or otherwise, but so far the MAX Adapter is an OK add on, but not worth it quite yet in my mind.

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Any feedback here?

Hi Steve, I think your comment brings us great insight into product development. Our team is now working on new product features. Stay tuned to our community. :wink:

Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, the MAX Adapter 5G is virtually useless at this point without being able to see statistics or bands. It routinely drops down to 4G or even 3G, and I can’t see anything that would help me troubleshoot.

Can you at least confirm whether these statistics, like USB modems of old, will be available to view? If not, I would like to be able to return this rather expensive adapter before my time frame runs out, and not recommend it as an upgrade to customers looking to add it to an existing Peplink router.

I am currently testing one in the UK, we’ve had issues with it not connecting on UK sims and when it does it seems to latch onto 3G only and stay on 3G for hours until changing to LTE.
I have an ongoing case with support and we are testing the latest beta firmware (its connected to a Balance 20x). Its being tested with public normal sims and private APN sims, we’ve had issues on both (with different MNO’s)