Max 700: weighted balance over vpn

Hi there.

I own a max 700 mobie and a peplink 380. I’v to go througt a site-by-site VPN for 3g bounding on mobile site using four 3g connections.

The only algorithm that i can use for the vpn are Priority and Enforced.

From some test in sites that have a good 3g coverage, the Throughtput of using the vpn connection is lower (not only by 10% of needed “tunnel”) that using weighted balance (with rules for upload and download).

More, the local provider “seems” that downgrade the connections form the same cell for the same ip/machine: in this case using different provider can solve the problem but this mean that you need to set different weight to usb port because the signal of the providers is not the same.

My wish is the ability to set up a VPN site-by-site using the weighted balance algorithm.

P.S: RTMP protocol is non avaible, too.