Max 700 PoE questions

I have a couple questions about the PoE support on the Max 700.

  1. I see that it allows a PoE add on. How does that work? Is that a software key? Does it require additional hardware? Can I retrofit it to an existing Max 700 in the field if we decide to add PoE devices in the future?

  2. Can I get power on a WAN port? I’m curious if I could power a high power external radio like the Ubiquiti Bullet M, WiFi Ranger Elite or maybe a satellite internet setup with it. (Though most likely the External Wifi as WAN antenna would do the job, just curious)


PoE output on the LAN ports is automatically enabled when you connect the new MAX 700 with a 48VDC power supply and it cannot provide power to a WAN port.

PoE support is only available on the new hardware revision that is shipping now. If you have any older existing units they will not support PoE output.