Max 700 Info


I have a new customer that has no access to cable or fiber. Only DSL and anything wireless. I will have about 10 IP Phones, 12 computers, and 1 server onsite.

*I am proposing a brand new network infrastructure.

  • They currently have a T1 and DSL for everything. Cable and Fiber are not an option her due to money.

*All Cabling will be brand new as well as firewalls, routers, switches, AP’s.

*There is a Sprint Tower about 200 feet away from customer and they have excellent reception.

*I want to bring in 2 Sprint LTE connections and utilize the current DSL as well then get rid of the T1. Then use Speedfusion back to our Data Center to bond the LTE Connections for them.

Would you recommend the MAX 700 for this and if so, is the MAX 700 VLAN capable and does it have Qos. I never used a MAX 700 and need to know it has all capabilities as the Balance models. If it doesn’t or if you recommend a different model for this setup, please let me know.


The MAX 700 is designed to be used with USB cellular modems and these can be finicky in a commercial deployment. Instead, I would recommend to go with the MAX-HD2-LTE as the cellular modems are embedded and come with external antennas for better reception. It is VLAN capable and has the QoS functionality as well.

You could also consider the new MAX Transit DUO
2x Modem and 1x WAN as well as Wifi as WAN. SpeedFusion bonding licence is available as an extra but SpeedFusion HotFailOver comes without the need for the SpeedFusion Licence

Thanks guys and in regards to the MAX-HD2-LTE, can I buy one with 2 embedded Sprint Modems or SIM cards or do I have to order the SIM cards from Sprint? I have only ever used the USB sticks in the past.

Thanks again.

We do not include any SIM cards with the device so you would need to work with Sprint on that.