Max 700 bonding upload

Hi every one

Recently i purchased the Max 700 router, for vide streaming applications. i wanted to improve my upload streaming, making it faster and more stable.

i’m using 3 modem 3g. when i test them with upload tester (speedtest) i see that most of the time the router uses all of them for download and only 1 or 2 of them for upload (randomly changing from 1 to another).

but, when i try to broadcast from my encoder, the router using only one modem (any of them) at a time.

it is or sure more stable, but i dont get the results i taught i will be able to get. am i doing somthing wrong?

thanks, Yossi

Hi Yosi,

This is normal behavior. A single video stream using only one link. With the Max 700 and another Peplink Balance 210 or above peered for a site to site VPN setup, true bonding is possible. Therefore one session could be shared over all three links. The video performance would however depend on the latency and speed of each internet connection.


is it possible to use another max 700 on the other end for VPN to VPN? in case i dont have DSL connection on the destination side.
also, what encoder am i able to use? any software to choose for encoding and decoding video streaming?


Yes, using two MAX units for site to site VPN is possible. You can find more details by reading the following KB article: Understanding Peplink Site-to-Site VPN.
Regarding your other questions , we cannot make a clear recommendation, as our product is not optimized for a specific encoder or software application.