Max 700 0.16 download 22.2 upload

Hi everyone,
Recently I purchased a MAX700 we are probably 20km from the nearest tower, so each usb has a single external directional Yagi antenna. I plugged in all the yagi’s this morning and got a speed test of: 37mbps down and 17mbps up, was very happy. Now an hour later I am getting 0.17mbps down and 22mbps up. With such a good up speed, it cant be the aerials, so I am wondering if I have not set up the router correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t think this is related to the configuration as it work for the first place. Can you further confirm the speeds by connect the USB to PC and perform the speed-test ?

Sure, just done this now. connected to my laptop
device dl ul
usb1 39 20
usb2 42 20
usb3 42 24
usb4 33 14

unplugged max700 for a few minutes and have plugged it back together now
max700 0.82 18.8

wow interesting!!!
the tests i have been doing are through wireless, i connected by Ethernet cable and got the following results:
device dl ul
max700 28.5 16.8

Are you tested using 2.4Ghz WIFI connection ? If the test is run on 2.4Ghz, can you test with 5.Ghz WIFI connection ? 2.4Ghz WIFI connection always influence by the environment ( Surrounding 2.4Ghz WIFI channels used). Interference may happen if WIFI channel is overlapped and this may affect the performance.