Martime specialist / focus?

It seems like Peplink was interested a year or two ago in improving their products in the maritime market, but there have been very few products or specific solutions that have addressed the majority of the issues many of us have brought up for years.

It also appears that there is no longer a dedicated resource within Peplink focused on maritime, which was a great signal to the community and customers that Peplink was interested in moving this forward.

I’d love to hear an update on the maritime product roadmap or even an overview of what is going to come out at the high level for the rest of the markets to see if there will be some things that can address customer concerns.

Hi everyone,

Maritime is definitely a continue focus here at Peplink.

We always believe the SpeedFusion community and ecosystem is more powerful than anything. Our channel partners are very good local resources. Our forum is the most efficient place to share knowledge and ideas. We are going to have an improved version of for our community members to market their services as well.

We are having some specialised antennas for the maritime market as well as having some new products that could extend the applications of HD1 Dome for both 5G and LTE deployments.

SpeedFusion Connect together with SpeedFusion Cloud will get better and more user friendly in the next couple of months.

May be you can share with us again about the majority of the issues so we are not missing anything.


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