Maritime 20G & Maritime 40G Antennas Setup with MAX HD2 MBX 5G

The MAX HD2 MBX 5G has (two) modems with (four) SMA Cellular connections per modem. I have searched in the manual, but I could not find information about why four SMA connections per modem or the best way to populate antennas on an HD2 MBX 5G.

  • Should I implement (two) Maritime 20G or (two) Maritime 40G?

One of the ways 5G provides more and more bandwidth is to increase the number of frequencies it uses simultaneously and send and receive on multiple frequencies at the same time. (MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Output).

That’s why the modems need 4 antenna elements each. I would suggest 2 x 40G antennas. There are also Some deck mount options if you don’t want to pole mount.


Martin, thanks for the reply. I presume using (two) 20G is the same as (one) 40G?
If I only have (four) LMR-400 runs from my control room to the yacht’s wing [two on each side of the wing], is it ok to use two Maritime 20G?
I understand one of the modems will not be used.

@GM it is perfectly fine to use 2x 20G or 1x 40G. The performanse wise it will be the same.

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HI Gonzalo,

I would say to install the MBX closer to the antennas and populate all connections with 2x40G antennas if that would be an option.

Most of the yachts 4G installations where thought for easy access due to SIM card change all the time, but now with these Roaming cards the SIM swap is quite less.

The less the cable length, the less attenuation. So my advice is to either mount it with the antenna cable that comes with, or use LMR-240 or HDF195 to extend the cable for 5m.

But if the only option for you is install it in the comfy ECR, then I would suggest using 1 Cellular Module with 2x20G (if you have the antenna slots which I assume) to avoid any blockage from the mast (if any).

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Thank you for the LMR-240 or HDF195 cable recommendations. I found a Low Loss 18 GHz cable assembly made by L-com using LL142 Coax. I want to make sure it is right to extend the cable. Please comment on this cable. We will have this custom mage to a longer length. Low Loss N Male to SMA Female LL142 Coax Cable Assembly with Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Boot using LL142 Coax, 1.5 FT

I used to get Times Microwave LMR 400. Check out the specs, bend characteristics, losses, etc.

I think I replied to another thread you started about cabling at Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

In general, as others have said, either antenna will be good. Both have similar specs.

What is key is the shortest cable lengths possible. The best marine installs I’ve done with antennas that include their own 3-6’ cables is to not add any additional extensions, and connect the factory cables directly to the router.

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I think you are going too fancy for what it is. This is a high spec cable that probably is set to a certain loss for testing purposes.

I would recommend using Times Microwave LMR-240 or any of the Times Microwave cables. Just make sure it’s not a stranded core and you should be fine.