Marine solution for Bahamas - Looking to get wifi antenna and see if the Max Pro 5G is compatible with Bahamian network

Please help, I need to get wifi from the boat to the shore, boat can go pretty close to the shore.

So many variables.

For cellular:

Step one is figuring out what carriers are in the Bahamas, what data plans they offer, whether they are compatible with the Peplink/enterprise routers, and if so, what bands they operate on, and what Peplink device supports those bands.

Step two is to understand whether you can actually get signal where the boat will be. Offshore, probably not. At a dock, possibly. There could be obstructions (other boats/masts/buildings/land/etc) between the antenna and the cell tower. You will need to consider proper antenna placement, cabling, proper antenna type, etc.

Then there is the issue that even if you can get good signal, is there enough bandwidth available at that cell tower? band? is data deprioritized/throttled? Some bands are short distance/not good penetration (many 5g bands are).

For Wifi:

Finally, WiFi is completely different and you have to follow similiar steps to assess whether it will work. What wifi does the marina offer? What band? Do they allow routers to connect to it? Where are the access points and can you get a decent LoS from your boat’s antenna to the marina wifi. Wifi goes a few hundred feet at best. Throw in other boats/masts/etc, and signal will be difficult. If your boat is not at a dock with the Wifi access point nearby/visible at the marina, I wouldnt waste time trying to get WiFi to work over any distance/water unless you are a stone’s throw away from it.