Marine Grade Deck Mounts for Maritime Deployments are Available

Introducing Marine Grade Stainless Steel Deck Mounts for Maritime Deployments

Protect your antennas and cables from harsh weather conditions and corrosion with our premium deck mount. This rugged and heavy duty mount is made from the highest quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel and is designed for deck and mast installations.

Click here for more information on the specifications or instructions on how to order.


Which antennas are compatible with this product?

This deck mount is compatible with both our MAX HD Dome series and Puma series antennas.

I already have a maritime base, can I order the deck mount without the maritime base?

Yes you can! If you already have a compatible maritime base, you can order the deck mount “Without Maritime base”.

How are the Puma series antennas attached to the deck mount?

Puma series antennas can be directly attached to the deck mount’s cylinder (ACW-651). This means that you do not need the cap (ACW-650) if you are buying the deck mount for a Puma antenna.

Why are these parts split into 3 SKUs rather than all-in-one?

Peplink Premium Deck mounts have three different SKUs to support different product mounting options. Below are the most common mounting examples:

  • Stingray antenna series: ACW-652
  • Puma antenna series: ACW-651 + ACW-652
  • MAX HD Dome series: ACW-650 + ACW-651 + ACW-652

We offer a modular design which allows users to select the options that they need for their applications. You may find more details on the Premium Deck mounts in this datasheet.


So the mounts/domes do not use standard 1x14 marine mount?


The ACW-652 is actually a 1x14 Marine mount. Then ACW-651 you can mount on a 1x14 Marine mount. See the pictures below taken from the datasheet.


Thank you.

Is there info on ordering the stingray antennas?


Stingray antenna will be named as Maritime antenna.
We are going to launch it in September. So, stay tuned to our forum. :wink:


Just got a couple of these in for my HD1 domes and Mobility antennas.

So far they look to be pretty well made.

The only challenge I see is that the mount doesn’t go all the way up on the threads of the antenna, so additional sealant will definitely be required.

I’m just glad to have a proper marine mount for the antennas and domes finally!

I solved the issue of threads shiowing by leaving the old plastic lock nut on.