Marine Customer Requirement, Seem unsolved

A government department, they have many ships. Then they want to share the video surveillance ships each other and/or with the command center on shore. But they currently have the limited bandwidth and coverage around the island. They have put 4G/LTE as a data transmission way, but due to the insufficient coverage off shore situation, they consider take satellite communication as backup when 4G/LTE can’t work. Though take satellite communication/VSAT as failover, they don’t want pay all the time, they just want the Pay-as-you-go package. But it is almost impossible for satellite VSAT b/c VSAT suppliers have to rent the all connectivity to fulfill the bandwidth requirement for customers. I feel so depressed, look like it is unsolved. Please help me.

Hello @dhwang,
Where are you located, have you engaged with your Local Peplink Partner?
We do systems and packages that services needs like yours as do many other Peplink Partners, most of the experienced partners in this space are here in the Peplink Forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thank for your response. We are located in Hong Kong. Customer needs 1M/1Mbps above bandwidth. GEO VSAT provider can fulfill the bandwidth but cannot pay-as-you-go only MRC. LEO VSAT provider like Iridium Certus has pay-as-you-go option but bandwidth is lower far from video sharing scenario. Even i posted the help request here, i know Peplink cannot handle this. SAD.

Hello @dhwang,
There are several partners that offer satelite connection pools (similar to SIM Card pooling).
Is it just for arround Hong Kong use or are you looking at needing services further afield?
We have a couple of international ISP partners that may be able to assist depending on the specific regions needed.
Most of the satelite services are costly, especially on a pay as you go.
Has your client got a predermined budget for the solution and the ongoing running costs?

We would also recomend giving the community a day to see who else responds that can support your needs. You can PM (Private Message) any of the partners that you would like to engage with further.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

It is just around Hong Kong.
As budget and ongoing cost, we provide MRC about 3000USD/vessel for 1M/1Mbps they think it is expensive.
Thanks for your kindly arrangement. Waiting for your information.

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I am using Iridium Certus on the Mayflower Autonomous Ship and can stream all 8 IP camera channels back to shore. (Click Multiview tab on this page to see it live now ).

I am using a video encoding product that lets me dynamically adjust video encoding resolution / bitrate / framerate based on available bandwidth so we can elegantly fail over from 4Mbps of upload when on 4G to 120Kbps when on satellite, then when we need higher resolution on one camera of interest we can request that on the fly.

Happy to introduce people to these guys - just send me a pm with your email (I’m not a reseller or anything - just like their product).


If you follow the link above - make sure you click the multiview tab to see the video. The web devs are stil playing with the ‘Main’ video stream.