Marina wifi captive portal problem

We have a Max Transit duo onboard and we are trying to connect to the marina wifi. info And steps we’ve taken -
—Health check is off

  • all cellular connections are off
  • only wifi wan connected
  • we’ve rebooted and tried to access on second devise (iPhone 12 pro)
  • works connecting directly on all of our phone and computers
  • the captive portal page is -

keeps coming up with can‘t connect to internet.

any ideas?

thank you community!

is your peplink getting an IP? any outbound rules that might be hampering? any ip / network conflicts?

this is the IP that I get from the marina…

no outbound rules set and no up conflict. Wonder if it’s got to do with https….

”I’m the worst king of computer guy, sort of know a bit but that just makes it worse!”… really?

Dont blame yourself… The person who setup that marina network is no wiz either. Its not you, its them. :roll_eyes:

When I Connect to the network via my laptop or phone directly it works :neutral_face:

do they do it on purpos?

it’s me again :sob:

peplink comes with default outbound rules. so you have unless you deleted? lets see your outbound rules page screenshot…

also is your peplink inside? external antenna? what is your signal strength?