March & April 2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations @PeterWest, your team has won a SpeedFusion Engine! We regularly hold these contests, so send us your best photos for glory and a chance at a cool prize.

The winner for March and April is West Networks, cleanly integrating an HD4 MBX into a healthcare vehicle. This setup empowers healthcare workers to provide uninterrupted telemedicine services. The MBX can change modules to accommodate new technology standards such as 5G, making it futureproof.

Builders Blog Header Size (15) - Angus MacLeod

Honorable mention goes to Axxes Marine. This impressive yacht is equipped with some serious cellular capacity. With support for up to 16 cellular carriers, the owner of this yacht will always have access to local providers no matter where their adventures take them.

The contest goes on, so keep sending those photos!

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