Manually configure system date and time on BR1

Good Day,

We have BR1 unit running on private APN that without NTP, as such we would like to request new feature that allow BR1 able to configure system data and time manually. This will ease on operational support and as well as generate correct historical data.


BR1 doesn’t have a real time clock built in and therefore when you unplug the power, the time data will lost and need to sync with NTP server again after system boot. So this will not help by configuring the system time and date manually (unless you configure it everytime when device powered on, but not realistic).

By the way, do you use your BR1 with GPS? There may be something we can improve if GPS signal is available.

thanks for the valuable information. We are using BR1 in 3G environment and there is no GPS connection in our customer network setup. Can show me how to manually configure system date and time on BR1 if available now?

As we said BR1’s hardware does not have real time clock, therefore, manually configure date time is not possible. Also, I understand you are discussing on your side at this moment according to support ticket.

Hi Chung-Lai,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have requested customer to provide any NTP available on this private APN.