Manual User Failover

I am looking for a way to initiate a manual failover between sim cards by the user other than logging into the web interface. I have envisioned it done two ways, 1 would be just a desktop icon that changes the sim card when double clicked, might be numerous icons one for each sim. The other way would be more difficult and would involve work on peplinks side, but adding a hardware trigger, simple 2 wire input that could be setup to trigger a function (failover) when an external button is pressed or toggled. I am finding that my customers are not only wanting to use the failover feature whether hot or not to use the best cell signal by provider along with having the additional sims as a failsafe. This then leads into being able to monitor cell signal of each sim without having to log into the web interface to look at which one is better, with some type of widget or desktop meter, then the user could double click the icon to change to which one is better.

Hi Matt,

Possibly Peplink can send their thoughts as well, but here is what I’m thinking initially on this.

While a manual failover could possibly be used to try to get the best SIM used at a point in time during travel, WAN Smoothing

feature could automate this. typically in cellular coverage the better signal you have the lower latency you will have. So with WAN smoothing it attempts to assign traffic to the WAN connection with the lowest latency and also uses special packets that can help reconstruct lost packets to ensure consistent communication. So realistically, this would give you the best and smoothest constant transfer of data possible and would be automated instead of trying to have to manually swap which SIM is actively passing data. Cellular could potentially change which SIM is better coverage many many times even within a quarter mile I would think.

I could be wrong or off on this but these are my initial thoughts. Maybe Peplink can chime in with their thoughts as well?


Hi Matt,

The requested feature is available in Web UI. May I know any concern to access it?

Assessing the web UI requires the end user, which in my specific scenario would be a nurse, paramedic, and or a Dr and would require training and knowledge to make the change and I know from experience that these users are not very receptive to this (I have already passed on that info and they do not want to do it this way). To tell you the truth this exact function is actually holding up usage of the peplink gateways. The users who are using my solution want an easy was to change cellular providers with a single click and also would like a very simple way to view the signal strengths of each carrier so they can choose which one to use without having to login into the unit. I see the lowest latency idea from Frontier working as long as parameters to failover could be set and that the failover would not occur after a telemedicine call has already been initiated.

Hi Matt,

Understood. I think the solution proposed by Taylor make sense. By having SpeedFusion tunnel between both sides, we have the mechanism to detect and transmit packets to the best WAN link. So manual failover is not necessary, everything was automated.

We do have advanced SpeedFusion feature that allowed you to set the cut-off latency (the WAN link will be suspended when latency reached to the defined latency value). WAN links that bonded in SpeedFusion tunnel are running in the active-active state. So the interruption will be minimal even telemedicine call has already been initiated.

Hope this help.

I am trying to accomplish this with the BR1 Slim or with a device that has just failover dual sim slots Besides the form factor of this particular device the price point is perfect and just need a very simple way to switch between sims without logging into the web interface. Any solution to accomplish this with a BR1 Slim?

Hi Matt,

May I know Wifi is needed?

Fyi, BR1 Slim not supports SpeedFusion Bonding.

I do not need speed fusion fusion bonding, just a really easy way to switch cell providers without loggin into the web UI, yes wifi is necessary.