Manual User Failover

I am looking for a way to initiate a manual failover between sim cards by the user other than logging into the web interface. I have envisioned it done two ways, 1 would be just a desktop icon that changes the sim card when double clicked, might be numerous icons one for each sim. The other way would be more difficult and would involve work on peplinks side, but adding a hardware trigger, simple 2 wire input that could be setup to trigger a function (failover) when an external button is pressed or toggled. I am finding that my customers are not only wanting to use the failover feature whether hot or not to use the best cell signal by provider along with having the additional sims as a failsafe. This then leads into being able to monitor cell signal of each sim without having to log into the web interface to look at which one is better, with some type of widget or desktop meter, then the user could double click the icon to change to which one is better.