Manual DNS for 3G/4G connections, how to?

Hello, here is Pedro again.

I finally got my hands on a LTE modem, and traveled to a city that is covered by “Claro 4G LTE” new technology.

The technology is just great, and I’m achieving amazing speeds here in Brazil.

But there’s one problem, somehow, the connection is disconnecting when I try to push great amount of data. That is a problem from the carrier and support still very poor, since technology is very new here in Brazil.

Fortunately I believe that I found a work around, if I change the DNS to manual, and put a google DNS ( it seams to get more stable.

I was able to do this on my computer, but on my MAX700 I can’t do that. There is no option for a “Manual DNS” under a 3G/4G connection. The only option is manual DNS for health check.

Is there anyway I can achieve that?

Thank you for your help.

Manual IP address configuration (including DNS configuration) is currently not supported with cellular connection.

Let see what is the comment from our Engineering Team on this request.

“Use Google DNS Server as Backup” can be enabled in LAN -> Basic Settings -> DNS Proxy Settings. Google DNS server ( will be used as a backup DNS Server.