1. Are there any other “hidden pages” like the MANGA/support.cgi page that could be useful for anything?
  2. Under LAN Status there is nothing, it doesn’t say Auto-negotiated or anything. And that’s for every Peplink I’ve ever seen.
  3. On the Receiving end of the LAN, I have a constant growing number of dropped packets. I am assuming this isn’t the actual LAN interface port of the router but there is some device on the LAN that is dropping these packets and if so, how can I pin point this without wireshark. Or can I at all pin point without wireshark.
  1. This is the only one.

  2. We aware on this. This is a display problem which not affect the actual traffics.

  3. There is a Network Capture on support.cgi page. This allow you to capture and download pcap file.

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how do you get to the support.cgi page?

Here is the answer for you