Managing multi-sites effectively with Peplink


  • Railway infrastructure company for a country located in central Europe
  • Responsible for operating and maintaining trains, and the rail tracks.
  • Currently there are up to 2000 pedestrian crossings across the tracks.


  • Improve safety by providing connectivity to CCTV and sensors at the crossings.
  • CCTV footage must be streamed back to the main hub with consistency.
  • Various urban, suburban and rural locations.
  • Multiple LTE connections would be required.
  • Remote management to increase uptime and minimize downtime.


  • A Balance 2500 would be deployed at the main hub.
  • This SD-WAN router is designed to deliver fast and reliable connectivity to the most demanding large enterprise.
  • It has a capable 8 Gbps throughput though it’s 12 supported WAN connections and is able to handle up to 4000 SpeedFusion VPN peers.
  • The MAX HD4 IP67 would be used at the rural locations.
  • This powerful quad cellular device would be used to utilize up to 4 LTE connections simultaneously, providing the strongest link from the cellular options.
  • It is housed in a shock and vibration certified, waterproof enclosure, making it ideal for any outdoor environment.
  • MAX HD2 IP67 would be used at suburban locations.
  • This dual cellular is also encased in an IP67 enclosure. It supports an optional PoE Input to simplify cabling to provide power and connectivity.
  • MAX BR1 IP67 would be used at more urban locations.
  • This single cellular device would allow for an ethernet connection to be used and seamlessly switch to LTE should there be any issues.
  • The MAX BR1 IP67 also comes with a built-in Omni Antenna, which can provide connectivity to your devices without the need for additional external antennas.
  • With the use of Peplink’s InControl 2 cloud-based SD-WAN network management configuration, you can monitor and manage the entire setup to optimize flow, remotely.

Devices deployed