Managed Clients' Peplink from InControl2


I apologize in advance if this was already posted, but thought I would post it here.

Is there a way I can connect a client’s Peplink to the InControl 2 web portal? I have it all added in the devices, have about 14 of them. We have most of it online but the INC2 is not showing it as online, instead it says it’s offline?

I want to be able to remotely access it, save configurations, firmware, unlock key, and even updating firmware from the ONC2 web portal. As well as monitor bandwidths, etc… Is this remotely possible? I may be missing a step or two, or… I have the serial number input, but all of them but 1 is showing as warranty expired. I wonder if it’s because th ewarranty is expired that I am unable to use INC2?

Any info would be great. It also would make managed Peplink seamless and quick.


In order to use the IC2 portal all devices need to be in warranty or have an IC2 subscription. The subscription is only available on the smaller models so if you have Balance 210 or above units they will need to be put back into warranty. Additionally, all devices will need to be running 6.x firmware in order to be seen by IC2. Here are some links to more information:

Thanks Tim!!!

We have Balance 20, and they’re indeed out of warranty. Many of them are running 5.4.9, but we have 2, 1 is onsite now, running 6.2, and another not connected yet, both of which are Balance 20.

Thanks for th efeedback, Tim.