Manage Your Power Supply Like Never Before With The SD-PMU!


Unprecedented Power Management
Peplink is proud to introduce our brand new addition to our lineup; the new Pepxim SD-PMU! An ideal solution for any marine or transportation deployment that requires consistent 52V power streams, sequential boot up of other onboard devices, plus voltage monitoring and battery protection, the new Pepxim Software-Defined Power Management Unit is the all-in-one device for all of your power consumption and regulation needs!

Manage It All With the IoT Cloud!
With Pepxim’s IoT cloud management and the new SD-PMU, you’re now able to monitor all your devices’ voltage, wattage, temperature, and current to each port for precise troubleshooting. Reboot devices through the cloud, configure custom boot up sequences, and much more with the new Pepxim SD-PMU!!

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Ignition Sense Supported?