Manage SSID's on a per-access point basis - Multiple Config Profiles - on All Balance equipment

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The ability to have multiple WIFI configuration profiles and thus manage SSID’s on a per access point basis is available on Balance 305 and higher. It would be great if this feature was available on ALL Balance devices. I would even consider paying a small fee to enable this. I have several locations where I have 3-4 Access Points controlled by a Balance One. I want to open up guest access using the captive portal. However, I only want that SSID on 1 Access Point as to limit access to the area where my guests are. The only way I can currently accomplish this is to not manage the AP using the Balance One which isn’t ideal.


I would think the immediate solution will be using InControl2 to manage those APs.

Hope this helps.

Wouldnt that require him to also have to pay for a subsciption for each AP with incontrol2 as well?

This feature exists on the Balance 305 and above devices so functionality is there - it just needs to be made available on the entire Balance line. I think the rationale was that this feature was “enterprise only” so we only need to make it available on the high end devices. I think these days that really isn’t the case.

I have never used InControl2 before. How does that compare to the Balance interface for managing access points? Is there additional cost? Personally, having to manage this from another interface is not ideal but might be a better solution then I have today.

@Ryan_Finger, do you think 2 AP profiles is reasonable for devices below Balance 305 for most of the deployment?

Yes, I do think that is reasonable. I can understand if you want more you need to purchase a 305 or higher.

Ok thanks. I will feedback to the production team.

Thank you!