Manage Pushvessels Balance LTE 30

Good day to you all,
I have a Question
We are an Organisation with 8 Pushvessels
I want to control and manage the infastructure from the vessels in Incontrol
On this moment we have made an organisation for every vessel
Can i Control every organisation with a single master Balance 30?
or is the only way to put all the hardware in 1 organisation?

I would suggest that your IC2 structure should reflect your corporate structure, so one IC2 Organisation with a group per pushvessel.

What do you mean by control? Do you mean remotely access devices connected to the LAN on each pushvessel?

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We have an Peplink at the office and a peplink on every vessel ( see the printscreen)
I think this is not the way you tell it @MartinLangmaid ??

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OK good, so you have a group per vessel and all groups are under the same organisation.

If all the devices will have a very simialar config you could just put them in a single group. What do you want to do from a point of view of config and IC2 user access?

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