Making Balance HA for 305 and Balance 380

Good Day,

Can some body guide me if we can make HA between Balance 305 and Balance 380?


So far as I know the same model, and ideally the same HW revision, are required.

Here’s a discussion of how to implement it … Configuring 1+1 Backup by High Availability (HA) .

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Yes, but 305 and 380 are very same models. Maybe we can do this. Im not sure.

HA will work config sync likely won’t.

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@MartinLangmaid … Yea I guess I gave him an incomplete answer. Personally? I don’t think I’d try it w/o being able to sync the two boxes. What a mess that would be – trying to keep them confg’d exactly the same.


Agreed - it’s far from ideal.

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