Major PROBLEMs with the Router 580

We are having MAJOR problems with the PEPLINKS 580’s at the corporate office. And since peplink is forcing communication through the purchase vendor and are not helping directly… And since the Vendor can not resolve the issue in a timely manor.

I am hoping this will inspire peplink to contact me directly to resolve the issue, as if this is not resolved I will be looking for another router vendor. When I call for support I expect support to resolution not to be handed off to the purchase vendor.

Primary Issue:

  1. Peplink is rebooting several times a day
  2. at least a few times a week the web interface stalls
  3. Voip failures build up until 1 and or 2 occurs.

We have Roughly 24 peplinks in my network and the 580 at the corporate hq is the only one that keeps crashing.
I have 2 580’s at HQ and get the same result on both PEPLINKS.

Peplink Reolutions Required in future updates:

  1. Complete configuration available from telnet as backup and diagnostics as alternative interface for web interface failures.

This will also resolve the issue of configuring firewalls and network scripting.
2) The configuration file needs to be text readable when downloaded for configuration specs.

I certainly hope Peplink responds and helps you with your issues. I also had a problem with some 380s having the web stall. I set up scheduled reboots which coupled with recent firmware updates seems to have mitigated the issue. Certainly at HQ that isn’t ideal or desired, but at least in my environment it was a couple of branches, so a weekend reboot isn’t an issue.

I want to echo my agreement to having Peplink add more configuration and troubleshooting capabilities to their CLI. Coming from a Cisco background, the CLI is the place for troubleshooting.


Found you have duplicate thread opened.

Please check the reply here Major Problems with PEPLINK 580

I am entirely in agreement. the Unit has managed to fix itself.
But from a business perspective I can not be having devices fix themselves with out an explanation of what the root cause was.

I strongly want Peplink to decrypt their diagnostics files and make their configuration files text readable.
This would help in troubleshooting as, in the CLI I should be able to cut and past all the configurations in groups to bring the unit back online from a rebuild in troubleshooting. This would be a huge time saver.
In addition to the other CLI diagnostic tools.

Also, as a side note. My only theory as to what fixed the problem is to clear the log file. But if this is what fixed the problem then Peplink needs to increase their hardware specs or improve management to ensure this is not reoccurring issue.